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Roller Blinds Mandurah

Roller Blinds Light filtering

Roller Blinds Mandurah

Australian Made Buy This With That 

Blockout Roller Blinds offer the perfect window covering solution.

 You can  control the light and provide privacy in the home, both day and night.

There are many fabrics available from plain, patterned and textured to suit your decor. There are coordinating fabrics for both blinds and curtains allowing you to coordinate your fabrics throughout your home.You can add a padded pelmet or Aluminium pelmet to finish off your window. Vist This With That at our factory on Thornborough rd Greenfield Mandurah 

Roller Blinds Light Filtering


This With That Mandurah Manufacture Roller Blinds to suit Western Australia’s harsh sun!. Choose from an large range of colours, weaves and textures. This With That has a roller blind to suit your needs or any decor, 

The fabrics are environmentally friendly, control glare and are excellent for heat control. There are fabrics which allow you natural light and airflow whilst maintaining your view, translucent fabrics for filtered light, textured and full block out where required. Energy saving, excellent solar qualities plus protection for your furnishings adding years to the life of your carpets and furniture. The range and options plus the plus the benefits are great.

Our fabrics represent today’s fashion colours, providing a contemporary appeal that are durable and stable, with certain fabrics being fire retardant. The chain control  makes operation easy and all are fitted with cord retaining devices for child safety.

Motorisation, Double Rollers, Linked Blinds & Pelmets 

With many options we allow you the look and lifestyle you want, all at affordable prices. Motorised blinds give you the ease of operation and several blinds can be linked from one controller. Double rollers allow two blinds on the one window. During the day you can retain your view but stop the glare and of an evening the block out blind can be utilised for privacy, or use it on very hot days to cut back further on air conditioning costs. Linked blinds allow you to operate two blinds at the same time using one control. Pelmets add a finishing touch.

All blinds are custom made buy This With That in Mandurah to suit your windows.